PEN Noise Model


PEN3D-V3 is soon to be released with the expected release date in September 2015. V3 includes improved features and calculation methods but still maintains the easy to use interface. Existing users of V1 and V2 may contact Mark for details on upgrade options.


PEN3D2000 is an environmental noise model having road traffic, railway and environmental noise modules.

PEN3D2000 is a three dimensional environmental noise model with an intuitive graphical interface. The three dimensional representation of the ground is in the form of a digital terrain map (DTM) and this may be imported from various external sources or developed in the model. The results of calculations or the noise barrier designs may be reported using the inbuilt reporting tool or exported to other presentation packages.

There are no limitations regarding the size of the noise model. One of the largest Digital Terrain Models (DTM) encompassed over 500,000 ground elements and more that 5000 noise sources and 50,000 receptor points. The DTM may be imported from AutoCAD DXF files and some MOSS files.

The graphical interface is easy-to-use having an interface similar to other drafting packages. The user is able to manipulate all objects easily and to copy, paste and delete. Objects may be imported from excel and similar packages. There are numerous reporting tools within PEN. Individual calculations may be printed or copied to spreadsheets or word processors. Contours may be plotted to screen or printers. There is also a reporting tool to plot/print accurately scaled drawings. The contours and barrier designs may be exported to AutoCAD DXF format for subsequent manipulation by other programs.

PENV2 is similar to PEN3D2000 except the model includes a blasting module (blast noise and vibration). The blasting module includes a method to specify number of holes and delays.


For more information regarding PEN noise model including purchasing and support contact Mark on 07 3117 2468

PEN Noise Model

Noise Contours for Estate